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Guitar Hero Live's Guitar Hero TV to shut down, dramatically.
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Xbox 360 Wired Guitar Hero Guitar, Xbox 360, GameStop.

You can find my rep [here] confirmed_trade_thread. with more trades TBA. All items physical unless otherwise noted. Black label unless otherwise noted. Shipping not included unless otherwise noted. Will include discounts on shipping when buying in bulk. Pics and (updated) timestamps provided upon request. Games System, Title, Price, Condition amp Other Comments. XboxOne. Bor. All prices *include* shipping to the US (with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. I *always* give discounts on purchases of multiple games/consoles. Feel free to make your own offer on multiple items. The only prices that aren't negotiable are individual items. This post is organized as follows. There's a TON here, so please check out everything, as items can be easy to miss. 1) Consoles/Console Lots. 2) Controllers/Accessories. 3) Games. 4) Factory Sealed Games. 5.

Guitar Hero Live goes offline in December, making 92% of.


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